Wednesday, June 3, 2015


#Pesarattu #GreenGramPancake : This is an Andhra special tiffin prepared from green gram. The green gram is the best source of protein for vegetarians and also rich in fiber content. The mineral potassium is high in this legume and that helps to maintain the blood pressure. This legume is easily digestible and suitable for both children as well as old people.
Generally the Vitamin B is present at the outer layer just below the skin of a grain. When the skin is removed those important nutrients will be lost. Here green gram with skin has been used which keeps Vitamin B intact.
Pesarattu is an instant breakfast. It requires approximately an hour to soak the green gram.
Here let us see the method of preparing pesarattu.
Can make 5 to 6 pesarattu approximately.


Ingredients :
1 cupGreen gram split with skin
1 TbspRaw rice
small pieceginger
3/4 TspSalt
To spread :
1 medium sizeOnion, chop nicely
2 TbspCoriander leaves
Oil to make pesarattu.
Method :
Wash and soak green gram split & rice together for an hour.
After one hour grind into a smooth batter in a mixer.
Add salt & coriander leaves and mix well.
Keep a tawa on a stove over a medium flame.
Grease the tawa with oil.
Keep a big ladle full of batter at the centre and spread evenly to make a thin circular pancake.
Spread nicely chopped onion over the pesarattu.
Sprinkle oil over and along the rim of the pancake.
Close with a lid until rims become golden color.
Then flip the pancake using a dosai ladle.
Take out from the tawa and keep on a plate.
Again do the same way to make another one.

Enjoy with hot rawa upma and any spicy chutney.
You can relish without rawa upma also.

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