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#ArisiRoti #Akkiroti : The dish #akkiroti is one of the favorite tiffin items of Karnataka. It is done with rice flour and dill leaves. The dill leaves ( fennel plant ) give a distinct flavour to #roti. If dill is not available coriander leaves can be used. The prepared dough has to be spread by hand. Usually for other roti dough is spread on a plantain leaf by hand and then transferred on to a hot tawa. But akki roti dough tends to break while transferring. So dough is spread on tawa itself and then cooked on medium flame. It is advisable to have two or three tawa to prepare akki roti. Some years back I have posted akki roti recipe prepared from cooked rice and rice flour.

Akki Roti [ Arisi roti ]

Ingrdients :
1 cupRice Flour
1/2 TspCumin
1/2 cupDill leaves ( nicely chopped )
3/4 TspBlack pepper powder
1 TspGreen chilly nicely chopped ( optional )
1 TspSalt ( adjust )
Oil to make roti on tawa [ dosai kal ]

Method :
Take all the ingredients in a wide mouthed vessel and mix well.
Add quarter cup of water and mix well.
Add some more water if needed and make a dough slightly flexible.
The dough shoudn't be as tight as chappathy dough.
Take a tawa ( dosai kal ) smear oil.
Keep a big ball of dough over tawa and slowly spread using hand.
Now heat the tawa on a medium flame.
Flip and cook other side.
The roti should be white in color and with some gold spots here and there.
Transfer on to a plate.
Enjoy with kadalai chutnycoconut chutny, tomato sauce and also with tomato chutny.

Akki Roti [ Arisi roti ]

Note : Grated carrot and nicely chopped coriander leaves can also be used along with dill.

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