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#BeetrootHalwa : #Beetroot is a tap root vegetable and widely used in the preparation of Kurumastir fryvegetable briyani and salads. Its attractive deep red color takes over the dish and transform into a red or deep pink color even though very small quantity is added to it. Apart from its color it is rich in fiber, Vitamin C and essential minerals.
I like to prepare beetroot halwa whenever I buy fresh beetroots. The dish was being prepared using microwave oven. Take a big microwave safe glass bowl and the ingredients taken should be filled till half of the bowl.
Here comes the method of doing tasty beetroot halwa.

Beetroot Halwa

Ingredients :
4 CupsBeetroot grated
1 1/4 CupsSugar
1/2 LitreMilk
1 TspAlmond grated [ optional ]

Method :
Take grated beetroot in a microwave safe glass bowl.
Add milk and a pinch of salt.
Microwave HIGH for 8 minutes.
Check whether beetroot has been cooked soft.
If not microwave HIGH for another 2 minutes.
Take out and add sugar.
Stir well to completely dissolve sugar.
Keep inside microwave and cook at High for 10 minutes.
At regular intervals take out and stir well and again microwave.
After 10 minutes the mixture would have turned into pale red color.
Stir well and again microwave for another 15 minutes.
At regular intervals take out and stir well and again microwave.
The watery pale red mixture got reduced and turned into deep red in color.
If the mixture is still watery microwave for another 1 or 2 minutes or till halwa becomes dry.
Take out and cool the halwa once it becomes thick and rolls over as a single mass while stirring.
Finally add grated almonds and stir well.
Store in a container with lid once halwa comes down to room temperature.
It can be stored at room temperature for 2 to 3 days and in refrigerator for a week.
Enjoy with ice cream or as it is.

[ Note : The time given here is only for guidance. It depends on the power setting of the microwave and also on the quantity of the ingredients. ]

Beetroot Halwa

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