Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sorghum-Appam - Chola-Appam

#SorghumAppam  #CholaAppam : My experiments with #sorghum [ #cholam ] was a great success when I prepared Cholam Idli, cholam dosai and cholam kuzhi paniyaram. So with great enthusiasm I tried appam two days back. Yes I was able to make crispy, tasty soft appams.
Let me present the exact amount of ingredients needed to make appam and the method of making appam over a tawa in this post.

Cholam appam [ sorghum appam ]

Ingredients :
1 cupIdli Rice
1 cupSorghum [ cholam ]
2 cupRaw Rice
1/8 cupBlack gram [ urad dhal ]
1/8 cupThuvar dhal
1/8 cupFenugreek [ venthayam ]
4 TspSalt

Method :
Soak fenugreek in a small bowl for 6 to 8 hours.
Soak idli rice, raw rice and sorghum [ cholam ] in a big vessel for 3 hours with enough water after washing 2 or 3 times.
In a separate bowl soak black gram and thuvar dhal together for 3 hours.
After 3 hours wash the grinder and grind fenugreek, black gram and thuvar dhal together.
Sprinkle water at regular intervals to get a fluffy batter.
Take out and transfer into a big vessel once the batter becomes fluffy.
Then grind rice and sorghum till the batter becomes smooth.
Add enough water at regular intervals.
Finally add salt into the grinder and transfer into the same vessel containing fenugreek-dhal batter.
Add 1/4 cup of water into the grinder and wash the grinder.
Add this washed water also into the batter.
The appam batter should be watery.
Mix well with hand and keep in a warm place for 6 to eight hours or overnight to ferment.

After fermentation,
Keep a tawa on a stove over medium flame and smear oil using a cloth over the surface of the tawa.

Once the tawa becomes hot pour a ladle full of maavu at the centre of the tawa.
Spread the maavu ( batter )  uniformly over the tawa and close with a lid.
Appam gets cooked very quickly.

Open the lid. Don't have to turn other side. Appam has to be cooked one side only 
Transfer the appam on to a serving plate.
In the same way again apply oil over the tawa using the cloth dipped in oil.
Then make appam following the method explained above,
Appam takes very less time to cook.
Serve hot with sweet coconut milk* or coconut chutney or wet red garlic chutney .

*Extract coconut milk with lukewarm water and add enough jaggery & cardamom powder.
Cholam appam [ sorghum appam ] Cholam appam [ sorghum appam ]

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