Monday, August 6, 2012

Bread-Besan Toast

I found out this instant toast 
tastes good with fresh coriander leaves.
Very very easy to make! & one of the best lunch box tiffins.

 Ingredients :
Bread slices          : 4 
Besan                    : 2 Tblsp
Sooji (Rava)          : 2 Tblsp
Chilli Powder        : 1/2Tsp
Cumin Powder      : 1/4Tsp
Salt to taste

Carrot grated         : 2Tblsp (can                  
add more also)
Onion diced           : 2 Tblsp
Coriander leaves    : 2 Tblsp or more
Baby corn grated   : 1 Tblsp
Spring onion           : 1 Tblsp
Grated Cheese       : 3 Tblsp
Green chilly diced : 1 tsp ( optional)
Ghee and any cooking oil to toast.

Instant Toast
Method :
Keep the bread slices on a plate.
Now mix all other ingredients in a bowl with water.
The batter should be thick and easy enough to spread on the surface of the bread.
Heat a Tawa on a medium flame.
Spread this mix onto a slice of bread(on one side only) with the help of a flat spoon.
Add few drops of ghee on the tawa & place the non spread side of the bread on the tawa.
Now add few drops of any cooking oil onto the spread and turn this side on the tawa.
Take off when both sides are cooked golden brown.

Have it with any sauce or Pudina chutny.  

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