Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mint Dip

#MintDip #MintChutney : #Mint [ #Pudhina ] is generally included in a dish for its irresistible aroma and flavor. It is good for digestion and an anti oxidant.
This is a simple but tasty #dip [ #chutney ] usually served along with tandoori dishes in restaurants. Mint dip goes well with all types of savory items and also with tiffin items.
I have included fried grams to get the smooth texture and also to add volume to the dip. Curd has been added to make it creamy.
Lemon juice has also been added to make the dip little bit tangy.

Mint Dip

Ingredients :
1/2 cupMint [ Pudhina ] leaves
1/2 cupCoriander leaves [ cilantro ]
6 - 8Green chilly [ adjust ]
2 - 3Garlic clovess
2 TspFried gram [ pottukadalai ]
3/4 TspSalt [ adjust ]
1 - 1 1/2 TspLemon juice [ adjust ]
1/4 cupthick curd

Method :

  • Clean and wash mint and coriander leaves thoroughly 2 or 3 times in water.
  • Then take all the ingredients in a blender except curd and make into a smooth paste.
  • Beat the curd and then add into the blender.
  • Run for half a minute to get a smooth and creamy mixture.
  • Transfer into a serving bowl.
  • Enjoy zingy n spicy mint dip with your favorite savory!!!!

Mint Dip

Note : Adjust number of chilly and lemon juice according to your taste.
Store in a clean and dry bottle in refrigerator for a week.
This dip can also be added while preparing noodles, pasta, and fried rice for its flavor.

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