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Rawa Dosai

#RawaDosai : Many of us think rawa dosai has to be relished only at hotel and can not be made at home.
Or some of us buy ready made rawa dosai mix to make at home.
But its one of the easiest dosais which can be made very tasty & crispy at home.

crispy rawa dosai
Rawa Dosai
Rawa Dosai
Ingredients :
Rawa ( sooji )                      : 1 cup
Wheat flour ( preferrable )    : 3/4 cup
or maida                              : 3/4 cup
Rice flour                              : 1 tblsp ( optional )
Sour curd or idly                   : 1/4 cup
 or dosai maavu
Coarsely ground pepper        : 1tsp
Cumin seeds ( jeera )             : 2 tsp
Salt                                         : 3/4 tsp ( adjust )
Onion                                      : 1 medium size
Curry leaves                            : 20

Method :
Take wheat flour ( or maida ), rawa, rice flour, sour idly maavu ( or sour curd ) & salt in a vessel.
Mix well with 2 cups of water to make a watery batter.
If needed add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water to make the batter watery.
Add chopped curry leaves, pepper and cumin seeds and keep aside for 1/2 an hour.
Just before starting to make dosai add finely chopped onions.

Keep a tawa on medium flame.
When the tawa becomes very hot spread 1/2 tsp of oil.
Take a ladle full of batter and start making dosai from outer to inner. That is first make a circle to form a outer ring. Then take some more batter in the ladle and fill up the circle.

Sprinkle oil along the outer layer and on the dosai.
Wait till the dosai becomes slightly golden brown along the rims.
Turn the dosai to cook the other side.

You can make around 10 dosais with this quantity.

Note : Rawa dosai takes time to cook. Approximately 4 minutes needed to make a dosai.
Add oil liberally to get crispy golden dosai.
I have used only very little oil here. 
Add little water time to time to the batter.

Relish rawa dosai with coconut chutny or tomato chutny or any chutny and especially too good with murungaikai sambar.
My choice is with jaggery.

Rawa Dosai

Tip for value added dosai :

Add nicely chopped spinach along with onion to the dosai batter.
The batter is slightly thicker than usual one.
Otherwise the spinach leaves might get burnt.
You get a crispy tasty rawa dosai!

Rawa Dosai

One more method to prepare value added rawa dosai - Carrot rawa dosai

grease tawa, spread grated carrot and
onions on tawa
Rawa Dosai
Now spread dosai maavu from outer ring to inner. Sprinkle few drops of oil

Carrot Rawa Dosai
tasty crispy carrot rawa dosai ready

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