Tuesday, December 16, 2014


#TulasiOrangeGreenTea : I have already shared Green tea with Tulasi in one of my posts. Recently I have opened a tea box that was brought by my daughter from Germany. Each box has tea bags of different herbs and flavours. This particular one is orange & ginger tea bags. I started liking its flavour and the sharp taste given by orange peels.
Nowadays I have started  saving the orange skin after eating the fruit. I wash the orange before peeling and then dry them in the Sun light. I am preparing green tea daily with these dried orange peel along with tulsi and ginger. The taste of the tea is as good as the tea made from tea bags that my daughter brought.
Here comes the method of preparing #Greentea with #Tulasi [ #Tulsi ], #Orangepeel and #Ginger. Ingredients are enough to prepare a cup of tea.

Green Tea with Tulasi, Orange peel and ginger

Ingredients :
1 TspGreen tea
10 - 15Tulasi leaves
3 - 4 small piecesOrange peel
a small pieceGinger crushed
1 cupWater

Method :

Boil water in a vessel and turn off the stove once it starts boiling.
Add all the given ingredients.
Keep the vessel closed with a lid for 2 minutes.

After two minutes strain through a filter into a tea cup.

Green Tea with Tulasi, Orange peel and ginger

Enjoy hot and orange flavoured Tulasi tea!

Green Tea with Tulasi, Orange peel and ginger

A spoon full of honey or jaggery can be added to make it sweet.

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