Sunday, June 23, 2013

roasting ground nut

When I was studying in school daily in the evening we used hear a music "tan--tan--tanatan-tan-tan--.. sarat sarat-- tan-tan-tanatan-- sarat-..." as soon as I hear the sound used to run out of the house with a coin.
For what? to buy roasted pea nuts. ground nut is also called pea nut.
The music is played on iron kadai with iron ladle by the peanut seller. The seller used to have a push cart and a stove with a iron kadai on it. The peanuts coated with salt is kept in another wide mouthed container.
The kadai is half filled with sand. The seller then add peanuts ( ground nuts ) with or without shell into kadai and constantly stirring the sand with ladle thus making the music. The nuts get roasted uniformly with nice aroma.
The music is played to draw the attention of the people around. He used to make a cone and pack roasted nuts in it.
Whenever I roast peanuts without shell in a kadai I couldn't get that aroma!!
Last week I bought fresh ground nuts from market. I washed the shells to remove the mud sticking to it. Then cooked in a cooker. Rest of the washed ground nuts dried little bit. So it will not taste good if its boiled.

I took around 10 to 15 in a microwave safe bowl.

Microwaved it for 2 minutes at maximum power stting.
Wow! I didn't expect!! the nuts were roasted uniformly and got that same aroma of peanut seller's.

Some of the nuts which were still fresh inside gave a boiled taste.
Whenever I used to roast peanuts without shell by microwave it took around 3 and a half minutes.
And also in between had to be stirred for uniform roasting.