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Appam - Appam Maavu - Dough For Appam

#Appam ( #ஆப்பம் ) is a tiffin just like #Dosai  prepared from rice, fenugreek (venthayam) & dals and made over a hot Aappakkal [ dosai tawa ] or Aappachatty ( A shallow Kadai with a lid ).

Ingredients for Appam My style

Appam (ஆப்பம் ) is a famous breakfast in Indian states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala. 
In Kerala, they used to prepare batter with raw rice and coconut.
But in our family it is prepared using different combination of rice and fenugreek which is very tasty and healthy too.
The batter should be fermented overnight to get delicious soft appams.
My grand mother used to add Kall or Kadi to ferment it well.

Ingredients :
Raw Rice                   : 2 cups
Idly Rice                    : 2 cups
Fenugreek (Methy)      : 1 Tblsp [ approx. 1/8 cup ]
Black gram dhal          : 1 Tblsp [ approx. 1/8 cup ]
Thuvar Dhal                 : 1 Tblsp [ approx. 1/8 cup ]
Salt                               : 4 Tsp

Method :
Soak Fenugreek the night before ( or 24 hours before ) you are going to grind the appam maavu.

fenugreek sprouts
soaked fenugreek the previous day and allowed to sprout today 
Next day morning drain the water into another vessel. 
Save this water which can be added to the grinder when we grind dhals.
Now close the vessel containing fenugreek with a lid.
(This is done to allow fenugreek to sprout thereby increasing its nutritional value)

Soaked Fenugreek Sprouted Fenugreek

Now take rice in a separate vessel, wash 2 or 3 times and soak it for 3 hours.

Soak black gram dhal(urad) & Thuvar dhal together in a separate container.

Thuvar dal and Urad dalSoak Thuvar dal and Urad dal
After 3 hours first grind the rice very nicely in a grinder.

It takes around 1/2 hour to 1 hour to grind the rice depending on the type of the grinder and the quantity of rice taken.

After grinding the rice into a smooth batter add 4 tsp of salt finally and then transfer the dough into a big vessel.

Now add soaked  fenugreek, Black gram dal and thuvar dhal into the grinder and also that saved soaked water of fenugreek.

Keep sprinkling water while grinding the dals to make it fluffy.
Once the dals are ground transfer to the container having the ground rice batter.

Wash the grinder with 1/2 cup of water and pour into the batter.
Mix well with your hands and allow it to ferment for at least 8 to 12 hours.
Then you can make appam in a tawa [ dosai kal ] or appa chatty covering with lid.

Appam goes well with coconut chutney or spicy wet red garlic chutney.
But appam has to be enjoyed with jaggery mixed sweet coconut milk only.

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