Monday, September 21, 2015

Beetroot Poori

#BeetrootPoori : #Poori is one of the breakfast items liked by all. I have made it more nutritious by adding beetroot. It gives a nice color and also essential nutrients.
Now over to the preparation.
Approximately 12 to 15 pooris can be made.

beetroot poori

Ingredients for dough :
1 1/2 cupWhole wheat flour
1/2 cupMaida
1/2 TspGhee
1 TspOil
1/4 cupBeetroot chopped
1/2 TspSalt

Oil to fry poori.
Chappathy press to make poori

Method :
Pressure cook beetroot with 1/4 cup of water for one whistle.
Release the steam immediately by keeping the cooker under running water.
Allow to come to room temperature.
Grind into a smooth paste adding the cooked water in a blender.

Take all other ingredients in a basin and rub with fingers to mix ghee with the flour.
Now add beetroot paste and knead into a dough.
If necessary add little water to get a smooth dough.

Add 1 tsp of oil and knead well to get a smooth and thick dough.
The dough would become more elastic and smooth.
Divide the dough into 12 equal parts. Make perfect balls with palms.

Heat oil in a kadai on a stove over high flame.

Put few drops of oil and apply well over both top and bottom plates of chappathy maker/chappathy press.
This is done to avoid dough sticking to the plate.

Keep one ball on oiled bottom plate of the chappathy maker. 
Close and give equal pressure over the dough by pressing the handle over the top plate to make poori.

Now keep the burner at medium flame.
The oil should be fuming and smoky to get fluffy poori.

Slowly glide the poori along the side of the kadai inside the smoking oil.
It expands like a balloon. Slowly turn the other side and fry well.
Drain oil and transfer onto a plate lined with kitchen paper.
In the same way fry pooris one by one.
Increase or decrease the flame to maintain the temperature of the oil.

Serve hot poori with poori masala or potato kuruma or tomato bhindi curry.
Here served with karamani curry [ cowpea curry ].
Can also be enjoyed with milk.
Poori also goes well with sugar or jaggary.

beetroot poori beetroot poori

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