Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tomato Jam

#TomatoJam : #Jam, common name for #FruitPreserves is prepared from fruit pulp and stored for long term use. Fruit pulp and sugar mixed together and cooked over slow fire to get tasty jam. Usually the fruit jams available in the market have added preservatives in it. The preservatives are harmful for our health. So it is advisable to prepare jam at home when plenty of fruits are available in the market.
Generally we get jams like pineapple jam, mango jam, strawberry jam, etc., or mixed fruit jam in stores. #Tomato jam is tangy in taste and goes well with bread and dosai, chappathy, poori as well. But we don't find tomato jam on the shelves of shop. So we have to prepare it at home only to enjoy its taste.
The recipe is very easy and we need only three ingredients.
The preparation time 10 minutes
cooking time 20 - 25 minutes
Approximately 300 ml can be made.

Tomato jam

Ingredients :
2 cupTomato pulp [ juice ]
1 1/4 cupSugar
2 pinchSalt

Method :
Before starting keep a dry and clean glass jar/bottle over a wooden cutting board to store the jam.
Wash tomatoes and remove eyes.
[ If needed remove the seed portion also.
 I haven't removed the seeds ]
Cut into pieces and put into a mixie jar.
Grind them to get the pulp.

Transfer the pulp into a wide mouthed heavy bottomed vessel.
Add sugar & salt and mix well.
Heat on a stove over low flame.
Keep stirring at regular interval.
Slowly the mixture thickens and color changes from dull red to deep red.

Take out a small amount of boiling mixture using a spoon or ladle and hold it over the cooking jam.
If drips down too quickly and watery then allow to boil some more time to get the required consistency.
Again take the boiling mixture using the ladle and do the same test, if mixture falls down as a thick sheet then the jam is ready.

Now transfer the hot jam into the bottle/jar keeping on a wooden plank/cutting board.
Do not close the jar/bottle.
Allow to completely cool down to room temperature.
Then tightly close the bottle.

Thus the prepared jam can be stored for one week to 10 days without refrigeration.
It can be stored for a month or so under refrigeration.

Enjoy tasty and yummy tomato jam!!

Tomato jam

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