Wednesday, September 14, 2016


#KothamalliFlaxseedPodi : #CorianderSeed is known as #Kothamalli or simply #malli in Tamizh. It is one of the spices widely used all over the world for its aroma and medicinal property. We Indian uses coriander powder in almost all dishes and coriander leaves for garnishing most of the dishes.
These seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals.
In the same way flax seeds are aromatic and rich in omega 3 fatty acid.
Here tried a powder for rice with these two seeds.

kothamalli flax seed powder

Ingredients :
1/2 CupCoriander Seeds
1/4 CupFlax seed
1/8 CupCurry leaves
3 or 4 Red Chilly [adjust]
1 Tsp Salt [adjust]
3 or 4 clovesGarlic [ optional ]
1/2 TspOil

Method :
Heat a kadai with oil on a stove over a slow flame.
Add red chilly and keep stirring till it becomes dark red and gives out pungent aroma.
Transfer into a plate.
Now add coriander seeds and keep stirring till it gives out nice aroma.
Transfer into the same plate.
Then add flax seeds and keep stirring.
Stir well until it crackles.

Turn of the stove and add dried curry leaves.
Allow all the ingredients to cool down to room temperature.

Take all roasted ingredients and salt in a mixie jar.
Grind well and finally add garlic cloves.
Run the mixie for a few second or until garlic blends with the powder.

Transfer into a clean and dry airtight container.

kothamalli flax seed powder

Take hot white rice in a plate and add one or two teaspoon of freshly prepared coriander drumstick powder.
And over it pour a dash of gingelly oil and mix well with hand.
Relish with sambar or vatha kuzhambu.

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