Monday, March 7, 2016


#VenthayakeeraiBesanDosai : #Venthayakeerai [ #fenugreekleaf ] is good for health just like any other green leafy vegetables. But because of its bitter taste many people hesitate to include #vendhayakeerai in their food. Whenever we think of green leafy vegetable, lentil dishes only come to our mind. Both young and old try to avoid it or take very little only. So we should innovate something new to make it more attractive and tasty too.
Keeping that in my mind I have prepared a tasty #instantdosai using vendhaya keerai and besan.

6 - 8 dosai can be prepared

venthaya keerai besan dosai

Ingredients for batter :
1/2 cupBesan [ kadalai maavu ]
1/4 cupWhole wheat flour
1/8 cupRice flour
1/4 cupCurd
3/4 TspSalt [ adjust ]
1/2 TspCumin
1/4 TspCrushed pepper
Ingredients to add :
1 small sizeOnion, chop nicely
6 - 8Curry leaves, tear nicely
1/2 cupVenthayakeerai chopped nicely [ fenugreek leaves ]
1Green chilly, chop nicely [ optional ]

Oil to make dosai

Method :
Take all the given flours, salt, crushed pepper and cumin seeds in a vessel.
Beat the curd and add into the vessel containing flours.
Mix well adding 1 to 1 1/4 cup of water.
The dosai batter should be watery but thicker than neer dosai.
Allow to stand for 10 minutes.

After ten minutes add chopped onion, curry leaves and vendhaya keerai.
Heat tawa on a stove over medium flame.
Grease tawa with oil using a clean and dry cloth.
Spread dosai batter from outer to inner just like ragi or rawa dosai.
Add drops of oil over and along the rim of dosai.
Flip the dosai using a dosai ladle once its rim turns slightly golden in color.
Transfer on to a serving plate when its done.

Enjoy tasty and healthy dosai along with coconut chutney or any other spicy chutney of your choice.

venthaya keerai besan dosai

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