Saturday, November 30, 2013

Banana Pancake

#BananaPancake #VazhaipazhaInippuAdai : I used to make banana pancake with overripe #banana. Mashed banana is mixed with jaggery and flours to make pancake batter. Then pancakes are made using non stick tawa or regular iron tawa. Let us see how to prepare banana pancake.

Vazhaipazha Inippu Adai [ Banana Pancake ]

Ingredients :
Banana                        : 1
Wheat flour                  : 1/2 cup
Rice flour                     : 1 Tbsp
Rawa ( Sooji )             : 1/4 cup
Jaggery                        : 1/2 cup ( adjust )
Salt                              : 1 pinch
Cardamom powder       : 1/4 Tsp
Oil or Ghee to make pancakes.

Method to prepare batter :
Take a wide mouthed vessel.
Cut banana into pieces and put in a vessel.
Mash with hand or ladle or potato masher or using a blender.
Take jaggery in another vessel and heat over slow flame with half a cup of water.
Dissolve jaggery completely by stirring with a ladle.
When jaggerry dissolved completely turn off the stove and allow to cool down.
Strain jaggery water through a tea filter into vessel containing mashed banana.

Add all the given flours, cardamom powder and salt to the vessel containing banana jaggery mix.
Mix well and add some more water if required.
Batter should be thick like normal dosai batter.
Now batter is ready and keep aside for half an hour.
Banana pieces Banana mashed

Making Pancake :
Keep a tawa on medium flame.
Sprinkle oil or ghee over the surface of tawa.
When tawa is hot spread batter evenly and put drops of oil/ghee over and along the rim of pancake.
Wait till golden color at the rim.
Then flip the other side cook well.
Transfer onto a serving plate.
Vazhaipazha Inippu Adai [ Banana Pancake ] Vazhaipazha Inippu Adai [ Banana Pancake ]

Enjoy!! banana pancake doesn't need any side dish.

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