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Rice Sundal

#RiceSundal : This is our traditional dish prepared from roasted rice and green gram dhal. The recipe is similar to that of Rice upma but the texture is different. After cooking, the grains are well separated  just like #sundal [ stir fried legumes ]. This might be the reason that this dish got the name #RiceSundal. It is a well balanced food as rice gives carbohydrate and green gram dhal is for protein.
The roasted green gram gives a nice flavor to the recipe.

rice sundal

rice sundal

Raw rice                                   : 3/4 cup
Green gram dhal                        : 1/4 cup
Big Onion( Bellary )                  : 2 medium sized, chop nicely
Red chilly                                    : 1 ( optional ) , break into pieces
Green chilly                                : 3 ( adjust ), slit lengthwise
Curry leaves                               : 10
Asafoetida powder                      : 1/8 TSp
Oil                                              : 2 TSp
Mustard seeds                            1/2 Tsp
Gram dhal                                  : 1 Tsp
Black gram dhal                          : 1/2 TSp
Salt                                             : 1 Tsp ( Adjust to taste )
Water                                          : 2 cups

Method :
Keep a kadai on a stove over slow flame and dry roast rice without oil.
Keep stirring and make sure the stove is on SIM.
When the rice turns bright white in color transfer into a plate/bowl.

Again in the same kadai dry roast green gram dhal on slow flame.
Dhal should be roasted till it turns golden color.
Transfer into the plate/bowl containing roasted rice.
Keep aside.

In the same hot kadai add 2 Tsp of cooking oil.
When the oil becomes hot add mustard seeds.
After spluttering mustard seeds add broke pieces of red chilly, black gram dhal, gram dhal & asafoetida.
Once the dhals become golden brown add curry leaves, split green chilly and chopped onions in that order.
Add salt and saute till the onion turns pale pink.
Add 2 cups of water and mix well.

Now keep burner at High.
Then wash the rice & green gram dhal with water once.
Drain the water completely and add when the water is boiling in the kadai.
Keep burner at SIM & close the kadai with a lid.
Let it simmer for 5 minutes.

Then open the lid & gently stir once & again close with lid.
After 5 to 7 minutes rice sundal is ready.
In between open the lid and gently stir one more time.

Serve hot sprinkling coconut scrapings.
Relish with coconut chutney or coriander mint sauce or Mint dip.

My choice is adding two or three spoons of sugar and enjoying after gently mixing well. And ahhaa.. no chance at all!!! super tasty!!

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